What is CryoSauna?

In today’s fast-paced, constantly more demanding society, people are incurring more stress and retaining less pleasure in their lives. People continue to face more detriments to their health, longevity, and beauty, while having less time to enjoy life. CryoSauna offers premium therapeutic equipment designed specifically to invigorate and remedy daily anxiety. CryoSauna utilizes a fully enclosed chamber which utilizes nitrogen gas at temperatures under -140°F. This robust infusion of cold temperature creates a natural bodily reaction which invokes a deeply satisfying response. CryoSauna’s therapeutic effect releases the body’s endorphins – triggering immediate, revitalizing results.  Within seconds, the natural reaction reduces stress, release energizing sensations – evoking immediate, profound bliss. The reaction sustained is entirely physiological, and therapy is complete within two to three minutes.

CryoSauna’s cold therapeutic temperature infusion also has the more prolonged effect of helping to alleviate ailments and improve overall bodily function. Olympians and professional athletes have attributed increased physical performance, higher endurance levels, and lower recovery times to this “cold shock therapy.” For every day users, cryotherapy has been attributed to aiding with the treatment of chronic illnesses – such as rheumatoid arthritis – and improving symptoms of depression, weight control, insomnia, and issues with stamina. Most users also see improvements in skin complexion and mental dexterity.

History of Cold Temperature Therapy

The perceived health benefits of extreme-cold, whole body therapy have been sought for centuries by cultures around the world. Cold “dips” have been a staple of eastern culture for generations, and are associated with stress relief, increased lifespan, and enhanced skin tone – and beauty. Until just recently, you would have to take a polar plunge to achieve this “cold shock response.” With CryoSauna, clients can experience the centuries-long science of cold temperature therapy in a clean, dry manner.